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Automated electric gates are an easy and convenient way to ensure the security and privacy of your premises, be it your home or your business and can be used for all sized properties. Electric gates are becoming more commonplace at the moment, and as prices come down, they are no longer exclusively for the rich. Furthermore, as the technology has advanced, reliability has never been better.

For those who find the security of their premises important, be it residential or commercial, electric gates are the way to go. They offer peace of mind as well as complete convenience.

There have been reductions in the cost of electric gate systems and their installation. Aside from the basic kits, there are now many features that can be added to ensure security as well as make them even more convenient.

Solar Power
One of the newest innovations in the industry is solar powered gates. We calculate each individual solar installation to run 365 days all year round wherever your location.

Yes, even through a British winter up to 1200 operations per day. If mains power supply is nearby, then this can be easily utilized instead of solar power.

We have been installing electric gates for over 10 years in Essex, Suffolk, North London, East London, Cambridge, Bedfordshire and Kent. We have come across most situations in the past and if we can’t solve them they are unsolvable. Get in touch for a price to install the perfect system for your needs.

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Electric Gates Essex



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